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News & Updates

GreenBeans NZ Ltd

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Website Developments - **NEW** "MY CART":

Yesterday we finally rolled out a new "My Cart" page that we hope you all like and it makes your life a whole lot easier than our last one did. This new page represents 120 hours of development time over the past week, & was sparked more to sort out making all the many shipping options clearer for our customers. packing module on the "My Cart" page.

It shows you how much spare space in volume you have left in your cartons/packages - so you can add extra items to your package without increasing your freight price - however how it packs cartons, differs between some of the freight options, so to avoid confusion by highlight over the shipping options provided. This lets you fully maximize the freight that you are already paying for. Over the coming days the My Cart page will get a lot easier to follow, in the more condensed, revamped format that we have been working on.

Also now you have the option again to add comments to your order, during the check out process, which is step one just after visiting "My Cart". This is the only place you can put comments that will be read by the person dispatching your order.

Again we welcome you to put feedback on our facebook page on how you find our new My Cart and checkout process, even if all you do is go in and have a play without putting an order through.

Website Developments - NEW POSTAGE OPTIONS

We have been working hard on the website over the past three months, with a lot of the work being done to sort out a lot of back end, customer service focused features that make our responses to queries you have on your order faster and simpler. At the same time we've continued doing a lot of work on the front end - the parts you see.

Without clogging you all up with a lot of details, we will quickly run through the main change that you will see now when you log in - and that is the massive increase in shipping options within New Zealand.

First up, we have added NZ Post satchels. There are three options:
1- Un-tracked standard & fast post
2- PO Box Priority Satchels
3- Tracked Satchels

Loading a PO Box as your delivery address will reduce a lot of shipping options being offered to you in our system, but there is a cheaper, priority satchel NZ Post offer for PO Box delivery only. It is very competitive in price, so if you have a PO Box and want a fast, cheap solution, check out the NZ Post PO Box Priority options that are now loaded.

Secondly we have added Fastway Couriers.
Fastway is added as 3 different options: Satchels, Small Parcel, & Standard.

Fastway satchels are the cheapest option for very small orders.

The small parcel will hands down be the most cost effective solution to the South Island.

Orders 5-10kg are cheapest split into two small parcel packages, rather than sending as one standard package.

And lastly we have Fastway standard postage tickets on offer for larger orders.

Thirdly, we have added Post Haste - this is for you if you are wanting something guaranteed overnight anywhere in NZ. We only have the overnight, express products on offer from them. Surprising out of the Post Haste line up is that the 'up to 3kg small parcel' within the North Island is the cheapest solution for sending any order within the North Island in the 1-3kg weight bracket.
Another advantage is that their satchels have a 25kg weight limit, which means you can cram a lot of snaps into one of them as you are not going to be pushed up to the next satchel or multiple satchels as with the 5kg or less weight limit on other providers' satchels.

Fastway & Post Haste are both a same day delivery within the North Island between Taupo and Auckland for all orders placed and paid for in time for us to dispatch during our first 6am dispatch. We dispatch daily at 6am & noon, twice a day, and all orders sent via any service with Fastway or Post Haste that we get done at 6am, will be delivered the same day to you, be it in Taupo, or Auckland - or any urban town in between.

We also have the Saturday Delivery tickets for both Fastway and Post Haste, and you will soon also see an option to add Saturday delivery on your order if you choose to, while this will always be an option, it will be left to the customer to choose this option.

There is the fourth option of PBT bulk freight. To many of you this will be the most expensive option - however for bulk orders PBT starts to work out miles cheaper than any other solution.

All of these options will be quoted as applicable to your order's size, weight and delivery address, for you to select the one you prefer.


From time to time people ask us about individual parts of snaps to top up their supplies when they find they use more of one part than another for whatever reason. We have considered what we can do about this as there are a lot of issues that come about in offering them. After much consideration we have decided the best compromise is to offer them at times that are convenient to us every 2-3 months or so - about 4 times a year - for a week.

From Thursday the 24th February through to 3rd March we will have them on offer again here. This link will not work until Thursday the 24th, so check it next week if you'd like to balance up your individual snap parts.

At this time we only offer individual parts on all size 20 snaps, however in time we will also offer them on 16 & 14's in White & Black.

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